A crown is a cap that covers a weakened or damaged tooth, restoring its appearance and helping to strengthen it against further damage.

  1. Will the metal be visible?

    The metal plate will be hidden inside your mouth. The metal clasps might be visible around the edges of teeth, that is why we offer tooth coloured clasps as an option

  2. I'm allergic to nickel, will I react to the denture?

    Metal dentures are made from a hypo-allergenic medical grade alloy to prevent any possible allergic reactions from patients. Being custom made makes sure the denture is completely compatible with the patients gums and mouth.

  3. Are metal dentures dearer than plastic?

    They can be more expensive than alternatives, but they are very durable and will last longer than fragile plastic dentures.

  4. Why metal dentures not plastic?

    Metal dentures have number of advantages over acrylic (plastic) dentures

    they can stay in your mouth without adhesive gel

    the plate part of the denture is much smaller than an equivalent plastic one. This means less of your palate is covered improving the taste of food for the wearer

    the snugger fit is very comfortable to wear, giving relief to people who hate the feeling of an alien object in their mouth

    metal dentures are stronger than acrylic ones. They are less likely to get bent out of shape or break

  5. I don't like the thought of a metal plate in my mouth, are there any alternatives?

    Your dentist can talk you through all the options to replace missing teeth and tell you which ones are suitable for you. You may be able to have an implant supported denture or a traditional plastic denture instead.


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