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Your oral health is more important to your overall health than you might think. Let our Hygienist help you achieve a healthy smile.

With many changes afoot in the NHS dental services, it is likely that many dental practices will be unable to offer their patients access to seeing a dental hygienist. We know that everyone enjoys the feeling of fresh breath and a healthy mouth - so, if you have any friends or relatives who are not existing patients with us, let them know that they can also avail of our hygiene services. They do not need to join us as a regular patient, but we would be happy to see them on an occasional basis to extend to them our essential preventative dental hygiene service.

Researchers at the American Dental Association have found that periodontitis (the untreated form of periodontal disease that can cause tooth loss) is linked with health problems, such as cardiovascular disease. Bacteria in the mouth may cause inflammation throughout the body, including the arteries, where it can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Gingivitis (oral inflammation due to bacteria) may also play a role in the increased formation of blood clots, possibly increasing your risk of a heart attack or stroke. This latest evidence indicates the link between gum disease and an increasing number of chronic and serious health conditions. Since March 2013 the General Dental Council relaxed the regulations allowing dental hygienists to provide dental hygiene services without being examined by a dentist.

  1. Why do I need to see the hygienist?

    Our hygienists will make your teeth look and feel better, but more importantly they help prevent gum disease, protecting you from teeth loss. removing plaque tartar and stains will improve your appearance, freshen your breath and help your general health. Chronic gum disease has been linked with heart problem, so it's not a good idea to neglect your gums!

  2. What gives me bad breath?

    Bad breath or halitosis is actually very common. It can be caused by smoking, spicy foods, certain drinks, gastric problems, chest infections and dry mouth syndrome, but the most common reasons are cavities, badly fitting dentures and braces and poor oral hygiene.

  3. How can the hygienist help my breath?

    Once the dentist has assessed the reason for your bad breath, our hygienist will devise you a tailored programme to reduce the build up of plaque. They will teach you how to maintain you mouth cleanliness at home so that the problem won't reoccur.

  4. What else do hygienists do?

    Our hygienists love to pamper your teeth to perfect health, with deep cleaning and gum treatments, they also provide you with tailored tips and advice to maintain your lovely new smile at home.

We are so proud of our hygienists' successes, that you do not even have to be a patient of our practice to benefit from their skills and advice

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oral health is key to overall health


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