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A bright white smile makes everyone feel more positive. Teeth darken through diet, age and injury. Whitening your teeth can make you look years younger.

If your teeth are stained by diet, you can have excellent result using our Jet Polish system


  1. What is the difference between polishing and whitening?

    Jet polish is a one day treatment suitable for removing stains from food, drinks and cigarettes. Using the Jet polish we can return your teeth to their natural unblemished state

  2. What is Jet Polishing?

    Our Hygienist applies a gentle Air Jet mixed with small particles to your teeth this mixture removes stains from the surface of the teeth leaving a smooth white surface. It is completely painless and highly effective

  3. Will my teeth stay white?

    How long your teeth stay white is up to you. If you avoid the food and drinks that darken teeth, and keep up a good hygiene routine you can maintain your smile. If you just can't stay off the coffee and red wine, you may need a top up from your dentist once a year. Regularly attending with the Dental hygienist will help a lot.

  4. How do I keep my teeth white?

    Regular Brushing (at least twice a day)
    Rinse your mouth with water after you eat or drink something staining (red wine, blueberries)
    Limit your tea and coffee intake ( or use a straw with fizzy drinks)
    Consider booking a touch up appointment
    Stop smoking

  5. Is Jet Polishing dear?

    If you are suitable, you can have your teeth jet cleaned for only £19.70 for Private clients and £11.35 for clients that have plans in place.

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